The Bell Family to London

Hello! We are the Bell Family and we are taking the Gospel to the people of London.

What is “The Campaign?” 

The Campaign is community/street evangelism on a massive scale. 

What is the Goal of “The Campaign?” 

The goal of The Campaign is to share Christ with as many people as possible within a selected city or town for a prolonged period of time (2-6 weeks). 

What is the strategy of “The Campaign?” 

The overall strategy is to use multiple mission teams from the U.S. back-to-back for 2-6 weeks with the intent of completely saturating an area with the Gospel. Each member of the team will act as a representative for Crossroads Baptist Church and be a Gospel witness in key areas of the city for 6 days of the week by passing out tracts and talking to people about Christ. After initial contact from a team member, details are gathered (e.g. name, number, email) from those witnessed to for further follow up (this is key). Follow up will be established and continued by members of Crossroads Baptist Church through phone calls, emails or mail. The desire is to have every person living in the Bromley area see a church billboard, receive a Gospel tract, or talk to a team member (wearing our church logo). 

What are the needs of “The Campaign?” 

- 2-4 missions teams 

- Printed materials (e.g. Tracts, Bibles, church invitations) 

- T-Shirts, sweaters, umbrellas, hats, or jackets all with church logos 

- Billboards and signage 

- Funds for housing materials, food, advertisements and booth rentals 

How can I help? 

The Campaign in London is the perfect way to expose your church to missions. The Campaign is designed so that anyone can participate regardless of previous experience or Bible knowledge. Since there is no language barrier, anyone can get involved immediately.